We are so excited to help you explore you.

Congratulations! You have just taken the first step to grow your thinking!  Our team is here to partner with you to clarify your thinking though our 45min Laser Focus Coaching Sessions. We are keen to provide you the space to explore anything that is of interest to you – be it a personal leadership challenge at work (or at home), to a change you want to make but for whatever reason just haven’t taken action…

This is the start of something good – enjoy it.

    • Select the company sponsored program from the list below and add your specific company code when prompted (this should be on your company’s intranet).  NOTE:  If you receive an error message “code not found” ensure that you have selected the correct “company laser session” as the sessions are company and code specific.
    • If you are working with one of our coaches and are not part of a company sponsored program – book with that coach and enter the code that your coach provided you.
    • If you are not affiliated with a company or a coach – select “Non-Affiliated Laser Coaching Session” and you will be able to book with any coach of your choosing – payment will be required at time of booking.
    • Additionally – we have coaches in multiple time zones so in order to ensure that the calendar times sync properly you must ensure that you select the time zone in which you will be for the coaching session. This is a critical step to ensure that you and your coach are online at the same time!
    • If you wish to have a coaching session without video (old school voice coaching) – no worries!  Make that clear when you fill out the booking form.
    • As part of the booking process you will be required to fill out some general information to confirm your booking session and coach.  Upon completion you will be sent a calendar invitation.
    • Upon completion of the session, you will be sent a “laser session feedback form” follow up to gauge the session’s effectiveness and to provide anonymous trend data for your company.


  • We love it when people want to improve and we can’t wait to join you on the journey!

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